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 In the dynamic realm of education, the Student Academic Management System (SAMS) Odisha stands tall as a trailblazing integrated portal, simplifying the admission process and streamlining administrative tasks for educational institutions. 

Sams Odisha Revolutionizing Education, Contact details, Website

This innovative platform, initiated jointly by the Higher Education and IT Departments of the Government of Odisha, has garnered widespread recognition and awards for its excellence and transparency in admissions. In this SEO-based article, we delve into the various facets of SAMS Odisha, its benefits, award achievements, highlights, and how it has transformed the academic landscape.

SAMS Odisha Contact Details:

For any inquiries or assistance related to SAMS Odisha, students, and institutions can reach out to the dedicated helpline at the following toll-free numbers:

Helpline: 155335

Toll-Free: 1800-345-6770


Benefits of SAMS Odisha:

Streamlined Admission Process:

SAMS Odisha has revolutionized the admission process, bidding farewell to manual and time-consuming methods. The web-based e-Admission system offers a single-window platform for students seeking admission to various courses across the State, effectively reducing anxiety for applicants and parents.

Cost and Time-Effectiveness:

Students can now apply to multiple institutions through a single Common Application Form (CAF), saving both time and costs. Moreover, institutions benefit from reduced manpower requirements for managing admissions and other administrative tasks.

Merit-Based Selection:

The platform ensures that eligible students are selected for admission to their preferred institutions, based on merit and choice preferences. This enables institutions to admit meritorious students from across the State, enhancing the diversity and quality of education.

Transparency and Information Access:

SAMS Odisha provides a centralized repository of information about different educational institutions. Students can access relevant details about colleges and courses, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about their academic journey.

Automation and Database Management:

The administrative workload is significantly reduced through the automation of processes such as admit card generation, registration card issuance, form fill-up, and more. Additionally, SAMS maintains a comprehensive year-wise student information database, facilitating easy access to relevant information for institutions.

SAMS Odisha Award Details:

SAMS Odisha’s commitment to excellence and innovation has been recognized through various prestigious awards and accolades. Some noteworthy awards include:

  • Express Technology Sabha Award 2015: Recognition of Excellence for Transparency in Admissions.
  • Skoch Award 2014: Skoch Order of Merit for Excellence.
  • e-Governance Awards 2012-13: Awards of Appreciation for e-Governance Excellence.

SAMS Odisha Highlights (2022-23):

  • The impact of SAMS Odisha on the education landscape is evident from the following highlights:
  • Participation by 4,392 colleges.
  • An impressive 100% online application rate out of 12,49,895 applications.
  • 9,74,802 students secured admissions, with 7,36,535 students successfully enrolling (76% admission rate).

Student Academic Management System (SAMS) Odisha has emerged as a game-changer in the education sector, transforming the admission process and administration for institutions. Its user-friendly online platform has facilitated cost-effective and transparent admissions, benefiting students, colleges, and the entire educational ecosystem. As SAMS Odisha continues to garner recognition and appreciation for its remarkable achievements, it reaffirms its commitment to empowering the future generation with seamless access to quality education.

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