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Iran Attains Full Membership in SCO: Key Takeaways from India-Hosted

In a significant development, Iran has officially become a full member of
the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) during a virtual summit hosted
by India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended congratulations to Iranian
President Ebrahim Raisi and the people of Iran on this momentous occasion.
Here are the key highlights from the summit:

Iran's Full Membership in SCO Key Highlights from India-Hosted Summit

1. Congratulations and Welcomes:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed his congratulations to President
Raisi and the people of Iran on Iran’s full membership in the SCO.
Additionally, he extended a warm welcome to Belarus for its SCO membership,
symbolized by the signing of the Memorandum of Obligations.

2. The Significance of SCO Membership:

PM Modi underscored the growing interest displayed by other nations in
joining the SCO, emphasizing the organization’s importance. This interest
reflects the relevance and influence of the SCO on regional and global

3. India’s Role as the Summit Host:

As the current chair of the SCO, India hosted the summit with Prime
Minister Modi presiding over the virtual meeting. The summit witnessed the
participation of prominent leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping,
Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif,
and other leaders from SCO member states.

4. President Raisi’s Vision for SCO Membership:

President Raisi expressed his aspirations for Iran’s inclusion in the SCO,
envisioning it as a platform for achieving collective security, sustainable
development, and fostering unity among member countries.

5. Historical Significance of Iran’s Admission:

The summit’s concluding declaration highlighted the historical significance
of Iran’s admission as a full member state of the SCO. This acknowledgment
recognizes Iran’s strategic importance and its contributions to the
organization’s goals and objectives.

6. Belarus’ Membership Advancement:

The declaration also emphasized the significance of Belarus signing the
Memorandum of Obligations, which marks its progress towards obtaining the
status of an SCO member state. Belarus’ potential accession further
amplifies the SCO’s influence and outreach.

Key Points about the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO):

Establishment: The SCO was founded in 2001 during a summit in Shanghai,
China, by the presidents of Russia, China, the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan,
Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Membership Expansion: India and Pakistan joined as permanent members of the
SCO in 2017, expanding the organization’s geographical reach and enhancing
its influence.

Iran’s Full Membership: Iran officially attained full membership in the SCO
during the India-hosted virtual summit, highlighting its strategic
significance and commitment to cooperation within the organization.

Belarus’ Membership Progress: The summit recognized Belarus’ signing of the
Memorandum of Obligations, marking a significant step towards its full
membership in the SCO. Belarus’ potential accession strengthens the
organization’s collective power.

Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS): RATS, a specialized body within
the SCO, coordinates and facilitates intelligence sharing and
counter-terrorism operations among member states.

The SCO’s expansion through the inclusion of Iran and the potential
accession of Belarus consolidates the organization’s influence and bolsters
its capacity to address regional challenges effectively. The strategic
partnership among SCO member states is poised to foster stability, security,
and sustainable development in the region and beyond.

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